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Silverlight behaviors toolkit demos

Here are a couple of demos showing different aspects of the Toolkit.
The sources are attached at the bottom of page
These buttons are created using $create(SilverlightControlToolkit.Button ...) syntax. The JS file does not make reference to animations. They are automatically referenced using name conventions. See the xaml file to view how animation are named.
This sample show how ToggleButtons can be grouped in ToggleButtonList to make RadioButtonLists and CheckboxLists. It also show how to create and use animation templates.
Note that no animation is defined in the main xaml file. They are grouped in the file and downloaded using the Silverlight Downloader.
Show how to use SLToolkit StackPanel, Grid, FlowPanel and Named values. It also shows how SLToolkit behaviors interact (size changes of a behavior can have an impact to other elements).
Show how to use ScrollBars and Page Flipper to enable Scrolling.

Source code of all these demos is part of the Happy New Year 2008 release

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